About Us

Hi There!

We are GamrTradr, a network for gamers by gamers to buy, sell and trade their unwanted video games. So what makes us different?

We aim to help gamers get what their game is worth and help the planet at the same time. 

Instead of taking the games that have been sitting on your shelf to your local secondhand game shop and getting a low offer, we give you a place to interact with like minded gamers whilst also getting what the game is worth. 

Why not put it on a certain auction site instead? Their fees are between 12-20%. Us… our fees are 50p + 8%. No brainer really. 

What about helping the planet? Our profits go to planting trees around the world and helping other climate positive projects through our work with Ecologi. 

As gamers ourselves, we want to change the way reselling games works whilst also doing a little good in the world. Those games you haven’t played in a while are worth a lot more than you think they are, so why not make the most of them the GamrTradr way.

We are the gamers for gamers!

The GamrTradr Team!

Keep up to date with our tree planting:

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi