How does this work?

It's so simple, you list a game, a gamer who wants your game buys it. You can even just trade games for games, no money involved (we don't even take a fee for this). Want to see how easy it is? watch this video

How do payments work?

Payments are all through Stripe as Card Payments, we find this the most secure option. If you have sold a game, you will notice you will have an account balance which you can withdraw via PayPal or Bank Transfer or spend on GamrTradr.com

Can I sell my Console on GamrTradr?

Not Currently, but we will be adding consoles to GamrTradr so you can list them along with accessories like Controllers. It's a long process but we will get there! 

How long do Withdrawals take?

We aim to make all payments regarding withdrawals within 24 hours unless there is a dispute on the sale which will we contact you regarding if needed!

Can I get a Refund?

Of course you can, but we do look into as much evidence as possible but we aim to be as helpful as possible and as quick as possible. 

Do you hold stock?

Yes we do! But it is always limited! You can find our stock on our profile - GamrTradr - We update stock whenever anything comes in so keep checking for our deals. 

I'm finding the prices too high!

Prices are set by the Gamer's selling the games, in some cases the gamer may have ticked the "suggest a price" box, this will allow you to tell them what you are willing to pay for a game.  We only set the prices for our stock and try to be as reasonable with pricing taking into account the quality of the game. 

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes it is! We searched for ages for a company that could supply us with great recyclable packaging! Just pop it in with your cardboard when you are done with it so it can become something else just as great!

What are your fees?

We like being transparent here at GamrTradr so here it is, our fees are 0.50p as a fixed transaction fee and 8% as a variable transaction fee. We think the 8%is reasonable as Ebay is 12-20% so we beat them there!
Example: you sell a game for £50- we take 0.35p (fixed) then £4.00 (8% variable) and you get £45.65 in your account balance.